Healthcare Receivables Management – 1st Party Collections

  • Non-delinquent self-pay account management and customer care call center service

Increase cash flow, reduce days in A/R and bad debt expense

Uninsured, under insured and balance after insurance populations are growing as are high deductible coverage plans. These accounts become “self-pay” accounts and under perform for many healthcare providers. Few healthcare providers have the ability, resources or technology to manage this self-pay population efficiently. This means servicing non-delinquent accounts with a customer care approach and capturing revenue or cash from this population has become a priority for healthcare providers. AHR uses our people, technology, analytics and expertise to provide a solution that increases cash on hand, pays for itself and reduces costs.


  • Third party receivables resolution:
    • Insurance recovery/resolution
    • system conversions
    • legacy system wind-downs

Increase performance of 3rd party back log or understaffed financial classes

Healthcare providers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks within a revenue cycle or business office. At times, certain third party payer claims may be under performing due to lack of follow up.  AHR’s staff is compliant with our clients’ billing procedures and assist in the resolution of claims where additional effort or documentation is needed for payment. Our clients engage us for ongoing and clean-up projects.